• Asset Prep (Raw files): Pre to Post production to retail, Mix, Master, Encoding and Sample clearance
  • Comprehensive Encoding: Title and Content Registration and Insertion: UPC, ISRC, Soundscan and Global retail.
  • European / UK retail chart registration: Album, video, lyrics, cover insertion
  • Manufacturing of physical formats: including merchandise and delivery: USB Albums, Vinyl, Cassette, DVD and CD
  • Custom promo pages for albums: online access for album landing pages and promo at
  • Comprehensive and effective global PR: music blogs, online and hardline magazines.
  • North American Radio: delivery, submission, spin tracking and promotions
  • Content recognition and protection
  • NFT Support: Minting and blockchain delivery
  • FKACO Manufacturing:
  • FKACO Catalog Administration:
  • FKACO Logistics: Custom global digital and physical retail delivery (endpoints)*


*All FKACO custom endpoint deliveries include metadata sheet, asset coding (audio, video artwork) to specification of delivery point. All deliveries are based on a minimum 30 cent per asset fee per delivery point. Singles are usually delivered under 1 USD. Albums are usually delivered under 5 USD. For multiple catalog / back catalog delivery fees please contact Audio Documents, Inc. (office at