DataBasics: Audocs 2020

Posted on: 07/06/2019

In preparation for founders day, on 9/9/2019. Audocs boutique System As A Service for artists, publishers and more has a new look and flow. "Our activities for the past 24 months are system integration based. Audocs is about seventy-six percent complete for the back-bone system. Automation and systems integrations are our next milestone.", said Managing Director William Robinson.

The highlight has been X925's performance via Audocs twitter feed. The feed services Independent artists, labels and new releases. Over the past 12 months the automated feed has run 24/7 and performs at 88% accuracy.

A well noted solution from Audocs System is the long awaited integration of B.I.G Cat. Audocs in-house catalog administration tool designed by Robinson. After a shaky start, B.I.G Cat's (Bring-In-Goods) bugs where worked out. Now B.I.G Cat. powers the digital download system at ARD - Audocs Record Distribution. These solutions are cornerstone in Audocs Service & Marketing System. Social push & pull, and catalog administration allows loading content and disseminating media.

Audocs System core TELET, designed for optimum performance and content workflow. Audocs is planning a system overhaul by the end of 2020. Including automation and full system integration.



(A) PRINCIPLES OF SERVICE (artists, labels and albums)

Product support, Catalog and brand management, metadata and database services, market liason and brand support for products, supplies, goods and services, import-export

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(B) MARKETING MANAGEMENT (new album release, artists, labels & tours)

Content marketing & relationship building with key touch-point for independent brands, product and business upstart, b2b - manufacturing, digital media management, databasing, radio and reports, physical distribution prep, tour marketing - social network based, pr (3rd party), merchandising (micro-sites)

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(C) Tools:

BIG CAT - integrated with ARD Digital Releases at, Learn More

Artists Pledge Machine: DNLD & Tycoon Media Asia, Visit

(D) In-House Brands & Departments:


9/9 ‘Founders Day’

Audocs Hybrid CD / USB-Album

Posted on: 05/21/2019

Audocs (SDN BHD), Malaysia now offers global fulfillment for USB, CD & Hybrid USB/CD Albums starting June 1st 2019. Artists, Labels & PROS are now able to order projects online at the panel.

CD + USB-Album Hybrid Manufacturing 'Summer' Special
Includes: Full Color CD with Full Color USB-Album Insert & Shrink Wrap

CD Unit Price $2.66
USB Unit Price (516-1gb capacity): $5.00
$7.66 Per unit (MSRP 16-19$ Per unit)
Minimum Order 25 Units

*Total Cost $191.50 Plus International Fulfillment (direct to door or B2B)

(25) CD Wallets for 20$ + Shipping
(25) Jewel Case Cd’s for 55$ + Shipping
*(25) USB Albums for 125$ + Shipping

Manufactured & Assembled in Cyberjaya, Malaysia by Audocs SDN BHD