• Critical Mass (Huxtable) by Autolect

    Unreleased Track from Autolect

  • (1) Polygon – ERC-721 NFT Ships with 7"  Vinyl lathe w/Noted 

Ghana (Movement One) by Bil Basmala

Single from Bil Basmala, RE:Track or Beat Art cover of Donald Byrd's Ghana from Byrd in Flight. Ep includes movements 1-5.

Butta Dreams by Basmala

(1) Butta Dreams From AOB Revisited Lp (2023) Tin Pot Gods EP (12/25/2022) features HA on his ART-FORM imprint release. Ships with AOB revisited CD & Tin Pot Gods Vinyl, Compact Disc and Digital Audi0.

Holocon 13 by Autolect

Single produced by HA, Ships with 7" Vinyl feat.. Wavelength + CD wallet.

Stream Of Consciousness by Acklan ft. dHUA

(1) Special edition single Audio NFT for Wildcraft by Acklan. Ships with reissued Wildcraft Vinyl, Compact Disc and Digital Audi0.


Single produced by Julian Soria aka JahRock, featuring Evelyn Morgan. Ships with 12" Vinyl Lathe & CD wallet and 12x12 Wallart.

Wish U Where Here by Bil Basmala

(19) Edition NFTs for Tura & The Beatsmith from Bil Basmala. HA/Hasan produced the third official Bil Basmala Album. Ships with Vinyl, Compact Disc, USB-Album and Digital Audi0.

Sufistication - USB-Album+

PER Music Library - SUFISTICATION NFT+ ERC-721 on Polygon, USB-A, Packpack (designed by NIAZ) with Vinyl & CDs

Audocs USB-A launched by FKACO and brought to life by Audocs, the USB-A (Album) Made its debut in 2016. In 2017-18 Audocs launched its South-East Asia Division. By 2019 Audocs (SDN BHD), Malaysia offered global fulfillment for USB, CD & Hybrid USB/CD Albums starting on June 1st 2019. Including Audocs custom rack packaging.