Independent Media & Audio Agency

Music marketing,  aggregation and databasing. 

Creative Services


A promotional service launched in 2011 and maintained by Audocs since conception. With 6,600 searches per month, and ranked at 1+ USD per click.


Launched in 2022 by Audocs to support R&D for emerging music industry and technology initiatives. Including NFT and Blockchain.

Audio Documents

Tandem info-base and database service, with blockchain development for Audocs and AUX Digital Network solutions.


Launched by FKACO and brought to life by Audocs, the USB-A (Album) Made its debut in 2016. In 2017-18 Audocs launched its South-East Asia Division. By 2019 Audocs (SDN BHD), Malaysia offered global fulfillment for USB, CD & Hybrid USB/CD Albums starting on June 1st 2019.